Get a payday loan, cash a cheque or sell your old gold.

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Payday Loans

At Money In Your Pocket, we know you might need some quick CASH from time to time.  If you receive a regular pay cheque,  CPP, Pension , Social Assistance  - we can help!Money In Your Pocket Payday Loans

Just come by our location in Saint John and within 10 minutes you can have your CASH (no debit cards). You must be 18 years of age to qualify and have the following documents;

  • Proof of Income (must be direct deposit)
  • Updated Current Bank Statement (last 60 days), or print one at Money In Your Pocket
  • Void Cheque or pre-authorized debit form
  • Photo ID (not expired)
  • Recent paystub
  • Must clear $700 bi-weekly on payroll
  • CPP, SA must exceed $800 monthly

How much can I borrow?

First time loans are $100. You can borrow more after 3 loans have been successfully paid off.

If you have further questions, please contact us.